Gurukula Boys

     In ancient India, the Gurukula System was the key education system in India. Word Gurukula  derives from Sanskrit in which “Guru” means teacher or master and “Kula” means home or family.      Gurukula is a type of residential school in India with pupils living near the guru, often in the same house….

Your Light

  To Ivaylo

The People We Met

    Known for its social, linguistic and cultural heterogeneity, India’s Northeast is often presented as an «ethnic mosaic», a «rainbow of people» or «anthropologist dream»      The Naga people are an various individuals or ethnic groups associated to the North Eastern part of India and Myanmar. The tribes have similar cultures and traditions, and form…

Pottery Village of Majuli

Majuli river-island in the heart of the Brahmaputra river in Assam, North East India. Majuli ancient art of pottery is as old as used in ancient time at Mohanjo-daro and Harappa. It is not in practice anywhere in India but only here. Majuli artisans still keep centuries old barter trade alive and persevere the oldest…

Faces of Kolkata

So many stories, so many faces, fear and confidence, happiness and sadness. Faces of Kolkata – here they are. I am still struggling to describe my week in India. It took me some time to start editing my photos  because of the strong effect of the experience there. I tried to capture the emotions felt…