Freedom from the Known

There is no guide, no teacher, no authority. There is only you – your relationship with others and with the world

Nap Time

Nap Time   It’s always a nap time. Sleep and nap well. It’s important. Close your eyes for a short period, relax. The world will still be waiting when you wake up… Kolkata, India. 2018  

The People We Met

    Known for its social, linguistic and cultural heterogeneity, India’s Northeast is often presented as an «ethnic mosaic», a «rainbow of people» or «anthropologist dream»      The Naga people are an various individuals or ethnic groups associated to the North Eastern part of India and Myanmar. The tribes have similar cultures and traditions, and form…

Curtains Of My Heart

  Time Endless, fast Moving, flowing, passing Slipping through fingers  Duration

Tuk Tuk Driver in the Garbage City

    Cairo attracts visitors from around the world for its cultural and historical  heritage, but there is another side to the city. Manshiyat Naser , also called Cairo’s Garbage City, is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Cairo. It is a place where the inhabitants are trying to create an economy out of the things that other…