Morning at the Ganges


        As the longest river in India, the Ganges has a strong presence within the Hindu religion. It is considered the backbone of activity within India. Known also as Banaras or Benares, Varanasi city stretches along the bank of the river Ganges. This place has been a prominent religious city since the sixth century BC. Hindu people believe the river to be sacred and holy. Many make the pilgrimage to the city of Varanasi to wash away their sins in the water. Being of such importance, millions of people visit the Ganges, making it a powerful hub of religious activity, culture and history.

      The Ganges is revered as goddess and mother. Hindus take up her water cupped in their hands and pour it back into the river as an offering to ancestors and the gods. Millions of Hindu come this river once a year to wash themselves in the river and to purify their soul.

       If you want to feel the real India at the Holy Ganga River you need to get up early!