Be shore of yourself. Sea life’s beauty. Come out of your shell. Don’t get tide down. Avoid pier pressure. Take time to relax and coast.

Morning at the Ganges

        As the longest river in India, the Ganges has a strong presence within the Hindu religion. It is considered the backbone of activity within India. Known also as Banaras or Benares, Varanasi city stretches along the bank of the river Ganges. This place has been a prominent religious city since the sixth…

Purification by Water​​​​​​​

Ritual purification by water is one of the great themes running through the history of Indian religious life. Running water especially is an agent of purification, for it both absorbs pollution and carries it away. Hindus have affirmed for centuries that there is nothing quite as cleansing as the living waters of  the River of…

The People We Met

    Known for its social, linguistic and cultural heterogeneity, India’s Northeast is often presented as an «ethnic mosaic», a «rainbow of people» or «anthropologist dream»      The Naga people are an various individuals or ethnic groups associated to the North Eastern part of India and Myanmar. The tribes have similar cultures and traditions, and form…

Curtains Of My Heart

  Time Endless, fast Moving, flowing, passing Slipping through fingers  Duration