Vincent Abadie Havez aka Zepha


SuperPlasticizer is a solo exhibition by the french artist Vincent Abadie Hafez, organized by The Mine Gallery, Dubai.
“The works showing in Superplasticizer, Hafez’s first solo show in the Middle East, take this metaphor to a literal level. He obtained cement from Al Quoz, sand from beaches in Dubai, waste water from air conditioning units, and superplasticizer and mixed them into a paste to create a textured base for his canvases. He then used discarded pieces of wood to mark and score the canvases, deepening the texture, before painting over the top with his distinctive style of calligraffiti, which he devised in the 1990s.” words by Anna Seaman for The National.

“I like the idea that it is a kind of alchemy,” says Hafez. “These are miserable materials, meant to be thrown away or disregarded, but I took them and elevated them into art. I try to observe the environment and atmosphere within which I paint so I can find a link to the people. “

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