Mesmerising Glimpse of Majuli

Mesmerising Glimpse of Majuli – World’s Largest River Island

     There are many scenic spots in North East India that will truly amaze you and the peacefully picturesque riverine island of Majuli is one such place.

     Nestled between the mighty Brahmaputra River’s ever-shifting sandbanks, Majuli is the world’s largest deltaic island. Every monsoon, the roaring Brahmaputra takes great bites out of the island, swallowing many homes. Despite being ravaged by nature, Majuli, India’s first island district, flaunts a vibrant culture and unparalleled scenic beauty. Here are some mesmerising images of this idyllic locale

     The fishermen of the Majuli Island are catching fishes wherever fish is available. They have particularly fishing in the rivers, beels and duba (wetland), but they have no definite income. Some time they earn a lot, if they can catch big fishes in a large quantity. On the other hand, if they fail to catch, they return home with an empty bag. 

  The fishermen those who have deep net, they take a side of the river by paying money for 3-6 month from the lessee. They settled their net in their particular area and make a bed over water attested with the bamboo stand of the net or in the bank of the river.