Gurukula Boys


     In ancient India, the Gurukula System was the key education system in India. Word Gurukula  derives from Sanskrit in which “Guru” means teacher or master and “Kula” means home or family.

     Gurukula is a type of residential school in India with pupils living near the guru, often in the same house. Even though before British rule, these schools served as South Asia's primary educational education. The students study the Vedas in these schools. Furthermore modern education is also an integral part of the curriculum. This helps students to adapt to the changing face of the society.

     In the Gurukula system a student goes to the teacher's house and ask guru to teach. If the Guru accepts him as his student, he would then remain in the guru's place and guru will assist in all activities. This system creates a strong bond between the student and the teacher. As a result it also teaches students everything about running a house and how to deal with the society an social life.