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Desert Me


Who Am I?

I’m Christina Dimitrova, born in Bulgaria, living in United Arab Emirates. A photographer, who started to take photos a couple of years ago. At the beginning, photography was just a hobby, now this passion is turning into a profession.  


What gear do I use?

I am using Nikon D750 FX camera with various lenses and definitely very happy with it. Prefer prime lenses over zooms because of the quality, speed and sharpness.

 How do I process my images?

I use Lightroom and Photoshop just for minor corrections.

 Am I an artist?

I don’t consider myself an artist. I believe shooting even the simplest objects can become great images, you just need to know specifically how to do it. I can’t define my style, I love looking through the viewfinder, framing the world around me, showing my point of view. I am and remain a restless spirit and my photos often are an expression of it, my camera is the mirror of my inner world. This site isn’t a portfolio, it’s just my blog. I do love photography and it is my creative place where I want to keep  on my own terms.

Which is my favorite photo?

‘The one I’m going to take tomorrow’ –  Imogen Cunningham

Something to add?

‘A glimpse of a light in this void of existence. Some kind of purpose.’ – Lamb of God

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